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Despues de Sonar Rachel Lee

Despues de Sonar

Rachel Lee

Published June 1st 2002
ISBN : 9788495752079
338 pages
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 About the Book 

I was thinking of giving After I Dream a rating of 4.75 due to my annoyance of Callie, the female protagonist, but she grew on me when I could tell she was trying to work on her issues. I loved how both Callie and Chase, the male protagonist, had to overcome their own personal issues to be together. Chase with his immense fear of the dark or whats in it and Callies fear of the sea. I found it ironic and sort of hilarious that they were both afraid of trusting the opposite sex with their hearts. Callie thought all men leave you, once they dont need anything from you or the going gets too tough. Thats pretty much what Chase felt about women. If you like romantic suspense for adults then you will enjoy this novel. The story was well written and I enjoyed it very much.