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Opaline Evidence Robert Peterson

Opaline Evidence

Robert Peterson

Published July 29th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Walker Faraday, wife Nicole and difficult son John migrate to Australia after the Second World War and buy cattle stations on opal fields west of Longreach in Queensland. Walker’s uncle Cyrus buys neighbouring Candle Downs station. Aboriginal folk, fauna, governesses, opal miners and explorers cruelly disappear on Faraday land and remains are found detonated, buried, burned, poisoned or on meat ant nests.Walker dies mysteriously before son John argues with Nicole for the rangeland and rides into a strung wire. Fingers point to his wife Caara or their irritating son Gordon, a clone of his father’s sadistic ways. Younger son Sidney returns from the Navy for holidays. Gordon demands all of the cattle stations. Natives, bikers, father-in-law Hu, brother-in-law Warren, Nicole’s farm managers, Police and Sidney all hunt for a piece of who-done-it.